Buyer's Guide То Harnesses

Harness myth

The most common misconception men have about harnesses is that if they enjoy getting instead of giving the pounding once in a while that means they’re gay, but in fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many men enjoy prostate stimulation but are not physically attracted to men, and having your lover bend you over is the perfect solution.

All the ways for men to enjoy strap-ons

Others use harnesses due to ED, but some use harnesses with their erections, either in a hollow dong or below the strap-on, and this allows for double the penetration and double the fun. All harnesses that have two straps (jock straps) going down the crotch are capable of this function. These harnesses wrap around your thighs rather than between your legs. (For the anal beginners out there, the prostate is located a few inches up the rectum along the wall towards the front of your body).

Lastly, lots of men who simply enjoy having a larger package for a while wear strap-ons underneath their clothes. This practice is called "packing" and pronounces your package, intentions or both.

Getting started

If your partner is new to the idea of bringing a strap-on into the bedroom you'll want to broach the subject with tact, sensitivity and a listening ear. You might be surprised to find he or she is actually interested in a little experimentation, and how you approach the topic will have a lot to do with its reception.

Choose a time when you're both relaxed, like on a weekend or a date, and be as frank as possible. Make sure to have all your facts straight before that crucial conversation; you can even look over this guide together. A great ice-breaker is to mention new sexual techniques you've heard about. Afterwards the two of you can look through toy catalogues for harnesses and strap-ons.

You might also want to consider an instructional porno such as Strap-On Janine to give you a clear visual and raise the comfort level. Now you're ready to delve into the exciting world of role play sexual fantasy and role play.

Role play (alternate personas, BDS&M and genderbending)

The great thing about indulging in your sexual fantasies is that it gives you a chance to enjoy, guilt-free, pleasures which you might not normally or are considered taboo. Some fun and popular role playing games you can play range from reversing roles to exploring alternate or even fictional personas.

There are few better ways to experience the full gamut of sexual sensuality than by acting out a storyline, like a teacher/student or delivery boy scenario (we're sure you can think of some more original ideas on your own.) And in fact, we recommend the two of you sit down, write out and agree on a scenario you'll both enjoy. Some harnesses personality that we recommend for role play adventures include the Vegan dual harness and lock strap-on and Vibrating harness kit.

In addition, harnesses also play a major role in bondage & discipline, and sadism & masochism. For women, using a strap-on provides an opportunity to wield a new kind a power and have the upper hand in the bedroom, and many gals enjoy the chance to play the opposite role. This practice is called genderbending.

But whether you're getting tied up or doing the tying, make sure you're not neglecting the importance of negotiation and safety. Don't feel compelled to do anything you don't want to, and always agree on a safety word beforehand that will categorically stop all the action.

You know what the next step is...

There you have it, you just graduated Harnesses 101. Hopefully this guideline has made you feel more comfortable about experimentation and armed you with all the facts you need to have the best possible experience. One last thing we will mention, and even emphasize, is that you should always keep your toys sanitary with anti-bacterial cleaner or use a condom on the strap-on. Some dildos are made out of silicone or other materials that are able to withstand high temperatures, and we recommend boiling them for five minutes before every use. Now go have some fun, and happy exploring!