'Realistic' vs Realistic Dildos.

HannahPanda HannahPanda
I like really realistic dildos, even if they don't look 100% correct
Pretties Pretties
On balance I think I prefer ultra realistic ones for pegging because I kind of miss the real thing... But for use on her she prefers the 'realistic' or not even realistic ones. Depends what we're doing with them really, if it was for display purposes I'd go for a crazy shaped and coloured glass one, so of those are beautiful!
Trixxxy Trixxxy
I like random shit thats pretty it doesnt really need to be realistic
grandtiger grandtiger
I'm all about non-realistic looking dildos. It's definitely a reflection of the fact that I don't enjoy the real real thing anyway haha, so "realistic" it is. I'm also just attracted to fun colors and pretty designs.
Qozt Qozt
I don't really like realistic dildos. They weird me out lol. I prefer ones in bright colors without balls
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