Would you buy anime-modeled dildos?

Andrey2052 Andrey2052
My friend is an otaku.
She is so crazy that he wants sex with the characters of Japanese anime.
Asked me to help.
She thinks that the mangaka draws penis character from the manga/anime. Then the sex-company does dildo that character.
I told her many times that it is not true.

Although ... Maybe there is a few cases of it?
Does anyone know?
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Artishok Artishok
I don't know about it.
But is good idea!
If companies be do dildo from Naruto or Amatsuki, I'll buy it!
Sima-pusya Sima-pusya
Oh! I think about it.
I'll be glad if I can buy dildo's of Naruto and Sasuke)))
darkr darkr
no idea but i think a rule 34 applies, so probably somewhere out there it exists
Eva Schwaltz Eva Schwaltz
Probably not
glitterbombs glitterbombs
I've seen generic anime girl blow-up dolls, but that's as close as it gets.
Innocent Mathias Innocent Mathias
i would
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