Dildos over vibrators

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Dildos over vibrators

clockwork451 clockwork451
For those of you that prefer dildos over vibes, why?
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K101 K101
It depends on my mood, but I'm mostly a vibrator girl. I like clitoral vibes a lot since my toy-play is incorporated into our foreplay more than anything. I do love glass for cervical orgasms though! Pure Wand (steel dildo) for g-spotting, although I'm still trying to get the hang of how to really work that toy. But I don't use realistic or large dildos ever. Don't like em'. I like average-smallish vibes and dildos.

So depending on my mood, I'll use a glass/steel dildo (the only dildos I have) or a vibrator like Matryoshka, Vitality, Noa, Flutter. Those are the toys I go to for dual or clitoral stimulation.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I like both a lot, but if I had to pick I'd go with dildos for several reasons. Primarily, it's just a question of sensation. I prefer toys with some give and flexibility, and mechanical parts tend to alter the way a soft toy feels and behaves (which is why I don't go for the "turn off the vibe and use it as a dildo" route in most cases). Besides, internal vibrations are nice, but I prefer thrusting and wiggling motions. And since many dildos aren't hollow, they feel a bit heavier than similarly-sized vibrators, which I like.

It's also easier for me to hold back from squirting with a hand/dildo combo (not that I dislike squirting, but it's nice not having to clean up a wet spot) while vibrators make me squirt almost every time and I can't stop it without also holding back my orgasm.

Finally, dildos don't require batteries or charging, and if well cared for a dildo made of quality materials will last much longer than even the best vibrators.
Chilipepper Chilipepper
I have better control with a dildo. I don't like vibes, actually. I used to think I had no nerve endings in my vagina because I couldn't get anything from a vibrator ... then I used a dildo, found a thrusting rhythm that worked, and I finally had a vaginal orgasm at 35.
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