Do good suction cup dildos exist?

phozersexy phozersexy
I want to get a suction cup dildo for my wife to use in the shower but they either all smell, extremely large, rated poorly, can't be sanitized etc..are there any good ones out there?
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ScottA ScottA
Get a dildo with a vibrator pocket for a bullet vibe and the Tantus Suction Cup. Both Tantus and Vixen make toys that have a vibe pocket in them, maybe others as well. Don't know if the Suction Cup will work in Vac-U-Lock dildos.

For a dildo look for silicone. Silicone has come down to where there's little reason to look at jelly or any of the other soft materials. Silicone will last for a lifetime and can be cleaned and sanitized easily.

Alternatively some of the Fun Factory dildos have OK suction cups, but they need almost glass-smooth surfaces to stick to.
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