Do you enjoy watching your significant other use large dildos?

Cosmonaut Cosmonaut
He doesn't...but he always asks me t use a certain toy but I don't really use it because it is too big for me on regular basis.
Ha5aem Ha5aem
I do enjoy watching my wife with big toys! I actually never thought I had any fedishes until I was buying a large dildo as a prop for a Halloween costume and started shopping for one on this site. I bought the cheapest and biggest one I could find. The bendable distroyer I think it was 20 bucks lol I got a few other thing wail I was at it like lube and stuff. Me and my wife was fooling around a couple of nights after I got the toy in and she asked i thought you got a new toy and I said yes I did but its big! She said oh! So I pulled it out to show her and she kind of laughed and said its so long. 12 inches to be exact. I ask if she wanted to give it a try she said sure! So I got a condom and put it on the big rubber dick. Witch was a task all by it self! Lol lubed it up and started to rub it on the opening of her already wry pussy she was moaning and likening it. I was thinking to myself there's no way that's gonna fit. Then she took it out of my hand and slid it in! Omg! It was so fucking hot to see my wife with this big dick in her pussy! She came so hard I've never heard her make a noise like that it was great! And after she came it was my turn and her pussy felt so good wet and loose. Never thought I would like that but it was amazing So now I was on the hunt for a new prop for Halloween so I got the dick rambone I figured I would keep the other one I showed her rambone and she said no way! Lol but sense then we lost all of our toys in a fire. So the latest one I got was Adams plesureskin cock it's shorter but still thick. She loves it! And I love watching her with it! I'm thinking about kong as our next one but I'm scared it might be too big?
animepanda89 animepanda89
I'm willing to give it a shot.
butts butts
huge turn on. I really like when my partner plays with toys, especially dildos! He doesn't really play with anything large though, I really wish I could get him to enjoy it but I don't want to force or hurt him. I think he's more embarrassed than anything, but he has expressed interest in using one of our larger dildos. When he's in the mood, he likes to use a big one on me, but it doesn't happen very often.
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