if you enjoy the wonderous pleasures of glass dildos, please share w/ the rest of us.

Edeneve Edeneve
so, you enjoy the wonderous pleasures of glass dildos. please share w/ the rest of us so we will find it for ourselves.
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Feb 20, 8:37 pm
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Missy27 Missy27
I currently only have two glass dildos; the amethyst and Casper. I love them both but differently. They are both beautiful toys. I never thought I would get into glass but they rate high in my favorites. I am hoping to find a perfect blend of the two. One that has bend of an amethyst but some addition girth like Casper.
Feb 21, 3:15 am
Edeneve Edeneve
other than thrusting which one can do w/ a G-spot vibe along w/ hot & cold play, is there anything about glass dildos you enjoy?
Feb 21, 12:01 pm
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
We prefer silicone toys for thrusting. We use our glass toys primarily for G spot and prostate massage.
Feb 21, 12:16 pm
Oriental husband and wife Oriental husband and wife
Have the amethyst also. Nice duo purpose tool. However have more NJoy stainless toys than glass.
Feb 21, 1:04 pm
Edeneve Edeneve
Originally posted by Kitt Katt
We prefer silicone toys for thrusting. We use our glass toys primarily for G spot and prostate massage.
do you have any vibrators?
Feb 21, 8:49 pm
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
Originally posted by Edeneve
do you have any vibrators?
Vibrators? Yes, yes, yes! I have a nice assortment of toys, including more than my share of vibes.
Feb 21, 11:14 pm
wrecklesswords wrecklesswords
I only have one glass toy. It is the Rainbow Mega Nubby. I love it quite a bit fore the temperature play and how easy it is to get in and out. Plus, the safety factor is amazing.

I would really like to own more glass toys.
Feb 22, 3:16 pm
Castielskitten Castielskitten
I have one glass toy, my Rainbow Swirl (I think.) I use it mainly for temperature play, g-spot play, the texture of the swirls are amazing for me. The only downfall I have is that it likes to fall out of my hand every now and then xD
Feb 22, 6:35 pm
Lioncub Lioncub
I use my glass more in the summer, nothing feels better than a nice cool piece of glass.
Feb 22, 7:54 pm
eri86 eri86
I have two glass pieces. The gold laced G which was my first toy ever. And the Casper. Love them both.

My favorite thing about the G is the criss crossing, feels lovely inside.

And my favorite thing about Casper is how filling it is.

I have a couple other glass pieces, but I only bought them because they were green.
Feb 27, 3:32 am
SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
besides the beauty of a lot of the glass dildo I love them because of their firmness. I seem to get better G Spot stimulation from them. There is no mess involved unlike an ice dildo so temperature play is far more fun and easier.
Feb 27, 8:54 am
AimDriver AimDriver
Glass dildo for thrusting? or is there something better?
Mar 16, 8:00 am
PadoruLover PadoruLover
I have never tried it. I know its ridiculous but I was always worried about it breaking or chipping and I would get hurt.
Mar 17, 8:16 pm
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