Ever get one of those.. "eyes bigger than my vagina" moments?

Callisto Callisto
I keep looking at the vixskin johnny but I'm pretty sure the girth is a bit out of my league. I've had a rubber 2" toy and I hear with vixskin you can size up.. I dunno. I'm worried I'll buy it and be unable to use it.

Ever buy a toy thinking it'll work out.. but it doesn't?
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Shellz31 Shellz31
Lmao - yes I have ... once. It was the Hung dildo with a circumference of 8 1/4". I apparently can only take on 8" in circumference.
Absolutely. We got a Share, which didn't look all that big, but since silicone doesn't give like some other materials, it was uncomfortable.
bondedlove23 bondedlove23
Absolutely, happens every time I look at the Hoss. I keep thinking how epic a ride it would be and how amazing it would feel. Then that little voice associated with my vagina goes, "hey queenie, I know you like big but you're joking...right?"

All I can say is someday, someday it will happen :3
Ansley Ansley
Oh hell yeah! LOL I pulled out a couple of my dildos yesterday that I only sometimes use, one of them has a black stain on the head from the outside of the EF tote bag that it somehow managed to lean against and the other had some pink goo all over it from another toy that melted, so I went to measure them to replace them.

And boy did my jaw hit the freakin' floor when I saw that one of them was 7.25" in circumference. The other one is only six inches in circumference, but I also have an anal plug that is 7.5" in circumference. I've never used it anally and vaginally is just too much work for it to be pleasurable.
unfulfilled unfulfilled
I've noticed 7" or over is just too much
Callisto Callisto
Makes me feel like a bit of a wuss cause I'm looking at this 5 1/2" and thinking it's too much.
Ryuson Ryuson
Yeah, I can't take more than 5.5"!
indiglo indiglo
I max out at 5.5" also. There's no shame in it either way!
slynch slynch
How about "eyes bigger than my ass" moments for those of us without a vagina.
Callisto Callisto
Originally posted by slynch
How about "eyes bigger than my ass" moments for those of us without a vagina.
I'm sure that could happen too hehe
Dusk Dusk
Haha yeah, I won the Rascal in a contest once, received it, and was like OH GOD.
Neurogasm Neurogasm
I haven't ever bought a toy that was just flat-out too girthy for me, but I do have a dildo that's too wide at the base for me to take. I've found that if I take the time to warm up, I can take almost anything, but it does take a while...
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