How Do You Store Your Vixskin?

Mr. John Mr. John
Originally posted by Owl Identified
Many of you know that of late I've been on a quest to perfect my toy organizational skills and get my storage down to a honed craft. Most of my things have found their way into Devine boxes and bags, toy pouches and the like, but my Vixskin toys ...
Storage can be an issue. I however got tired of rummaging for a toy when the moment came to use it. So, I chose to move up to an armoire instead. You only need to open the double doors, and everything is in sight, and easily obtainable. We have most of the Vixskin line. Each is lined up in the original cylinder, or clam shell packaging. Tantus however, could learn something from Vixen Creations. Worse packaging ever.
Mr. E Mr. E
We store all of our 100% silicone toys together loosely in a drawer of our toy chest.
Rory Rory
Mine is in its original container which does take up a lot of space but I didn't want to put it in a pouch.
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