How much are you willing to spend on an everyday dildo?

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How much are you willing to spend on an everyday dildo?

SkinFlute SkinFlute
What's your absolute max price? Mine's 30$. If it ain't got batteries, I ain't going broke for it
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solitudinarian solitudinarian
I've spent as high as $125 before. Toys with electrical parts break eventually, but a well cared for dildo made from a quality material can last forever. I can't really imagine having just one dildo that I use every day - I have a selection. If I was going for basics, maybe around $60 - that's generally how much a decent silicone dildo costs.
bh253 bh253
$50-60 for a standard silicone one. I want something decent! Tantus, maybe.
ScottA ScottA
If I know that it's a toy that I'll use for a while I'm willing to lay out the extra cash. Sure, a $50-$70 silicone dildo is expensive, but compare that to a $25-$30 dildo that needs condoms for each use (at $0.50+/each) and only lasts for 2-3 years. Looking at it that way it's the cheap dildos that wind up being the most expensive.
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I don't mind spending over $100 for something I'm sure will potentially last decades - it's very hard to say that about any vibrator. And as fun as vibrators are, I just like non-vibes better.

That said, I do have to be reasonably sure I'll enjoy a toy before I spend a lot. If I'm not too certain about a dildo, I'll spend $40-$60.
Girly Juice Girly Juice
My most expensive dildos are my Pure Wand and my NobEssence Fling. Haven't received the Fling yet, but the Pure Wand was 100% worth it.

I'd be willing to go as high as $150 for a dildo I really, really wanted, that was a good investment (i.e. steel, well-sealed wood, or top-quality silicone). The next pricey dildo I'm lusting after is the VixSkin Spur or maybe another Tantus O2 item.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
To me $50 is my limit or maybe a little bit more. I wouldn't spend over $100.
ghalik ghalik
About 75 is my limit. Though that would be how much I pay, not the list price. For example Pure Wand and O2 Adam which I got for much less than list price.
indiglo indiglo
So funny, I was just thinking about this topic the other night when I was using my Mustang! My Mustang was around $100, my Goodfella $110. I have no problem dropping that much on a high quality, dual density silicone toy. It feels amazing and will last a long time with proper care.

My glass toys are much less expensive, most of those are all under $40. But I don't bat an eye at dropping $100 (or more) on my VixSkin dildos.
Ranbowfairyali Ranbowfairyali
I'd probably only go as high as $50 for something I really wanted. My fave is glass and you can get some really nice ones for about $30.
P'Gell P'Gell
Maybe $70.00 or $80.00 or more. That's what most of Tantus' dildos run. We don't even turn on our phallic vibrators most of the time, and we've paid more than that for some of them.

I like high quality toys, so I'm happy to save and pay a good amount for them. Better that, than buying something cheap and being sorry, having a reaction to the materials or having it fall apart.

Still pondering the Eleven. $299.00 (or whatever it is) is a lot of money, but it looks so yummy.
Iron Man Iron Man
200 as long as it had a life-time warranty.
- Kira - - Kira -
The highest price dildo I have is the Eleven ($300). I have a good VixSkin collection and those run $90-$100+. Since my VixSkins get used the most, I'm happy to drop the extra money to have quality dildos. I also have a few NobEssence pieces that were over $100.
Love Obsessed Love Obsessed
For an everyday dildo to use the stopping point is about 50.For one of my 'trophy' dildos that I don't use I would go as high as 700.
Bullfroggy and Rose Bullfroggy and Rose
have spent $100 on a vibe thinking about a dildo that is $65
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
The price isn't as big a deal for me, as the material. As long as it's quality silicone, I'll go as high as $80.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
If it is silicone $80.
Gracie Gracie
I still really want a vixskin and a nob essence dildo. They are both very pricey. I am willing to pay about 100 dollars or so. I will wait for a coupon and in the meantime I will keep saving my points. Also, I haven't decided exactly which one I really want. I'm still looking at the options.
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