If you could ONLY take 1 dildo on vacation...what would it be?

lalapetitee lalapetitee
If you could ONLY take 1 dildo on vacation...what would it be? Why?

I would have to choose my Tantus Mark dildo. Its the perfect size and shaper for my small frame. Its not too small or too large and its slight curve is great for gspotting. I dont mind it for anal so its very diverse.
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SaucyxGirl SaucyxGirl
Just one? lol. Hmm so many to choose from. I would have to say I would take Captain. While not my absolute favorite dildo it does get a lot of use.
November November
My Vixen Mustang. It's the perfect size and shape for me. Even on days when my vagina is feeling sensitive due to my monthly cycle, it still feels good!
lilswitch lilswitch
Eden doesn't sell it anymore but the pink allure. Double-ended curved glass with ridges on one end and nubs on the other. Pretty small and durable. Similiar to the royal duet that EF still sells but that one isn't curved for g-spotting.
eri86 eri86
Tantus Mark as well
dv8 dv8
I'd take the Tantus Hoss so I can strap a seatbelt around it and be able to use the carpool lane.
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