What are your impressions on LovePalz Long Distance Relationship Sex toy?

lilacviolet lilacviolet
I'm in a long distance relationship, going on 2 years and it interests me to find things that could possibly help in making me feel closer to my partner. Have any of you heard of those long distance relationship sex toy contraptions that work through wifi? Any of you tried it? What were your experiences with it?

I found one of those sex toys that is called LovePalz. It's a wifi sex toy for females/males, males/males,females/fe males in long distance relationships,it looks interesting, at least the concept.



Anyway, just want your opinions and impressions on it. Would you try it or not? Do you find it silly and ridiculous or would you like to see more of these kinds of sex toys produced in the future? Just curious to see people's impressions.

Oh and sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in, I wasn't exactly sure where to post my question.
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I'm in a long distance relationship - I would try it, looks interesting.
Qozt , lilyflower , SP
I'm in a long distance relationship - I would skip it.
deltalima , GONE!
I'm in a long distance relationship - I'm on the look out for things to help me feel closer to my partner.
SP , B. Loved
I'm not in a long distance relationship - I would try it anyway, looks interesting.
Cindi025 , karenm , potstickers , higs , Lily Night , ashboo32 , angel42539
I'm not in a long distance relationship - I would skip it.
Looks awesome, I want one!
Seems silly/uncomfortable, lol. Not for me. I'll stick to my traditional toy.
Catan , delcubed
I have a similar device.
Other - maynguene banana
The Vixen , wetone123 , lalapetitee
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The Vixen The Vixen
I've ALWAYS thought they should make something like this!
Qozt Qozt
I'm in an LDR. Sure, I would try it. Looks interesting.
higs higs
Never heard of that before, that's pretty cool
Lily Night Lily Night
This looks awesome, I wish it was cheaper.
lilyflower lilyflower
I have a skype fb, would love to try this with him!
ashboo32 ashboo32
i was in a long diastase relationship and was always looking for ways to connect and toys to help make it more fun
I think if it malfunctioned it would make everyone involved feel crappy so meh.
angel42539 angel42539
I would like to try
FlashFuchsia FlashFuchsia
If it wasn't so expensive I'd totally buy one.
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