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Reiyth Reiyth
Hi guys! I've been browsing through threads and reviews but wanted to ask you guys what you think. My husband and I are in a poly relationship and her and I are just starting to become more intimate. She has a really high sex drive and hubby is struggling to keep up. She strongly prefers penis in vagina sex and is doubtful a strap on can be realistic enough for her but is willing to give it a try. Basically I'm looking for recommendations for a harness that will be sturdy and comfortable that both my hubby and I can use. Also a dildo that's as realistic feeling as possible but isn't too big. my husband is about average in the size department and he doesn't mind if the toy is bigger than him, but we don't want it to dwarf him either. I think I would prefer one that is pretty to look at our an unusual color. Our budget for both is in the 100-150$ range. THANKS! !
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