UR3 vs Vixskin Material

Chorus Line Chorus Line
Anybody have both UR3 and Vixskin material? I have ur3 and I am thinking about a vixskin product. Also, with vixskin, are there any bigger dildos than the outlaw...I would like a larger product if possible.
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Sammi Sammi
Randy comes in Vixskin - he's just a bit wider, although shorter, than Outlaw.

I can't help on the UR3 - I've never had anything out of that.
Kirill1171 Kirill1171
I think UR3 best material.
Boobs and Lubes Boobs and Lubes
If you can afford Vixskin, it's really no comparison. Especially if you want to use it anally. UR3 is really porous, it's going to get germy.
Rawhide Rawhide
Once you go VixSkin, you won't go back
Boobs and Lubes Boobs and Lubes
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