What is your opinion on the Veined double dong?

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What is your opinion on the Veined double dong?

Sharay88 Sharay88
I really like it even though it is made of jelly. I use a condom every time though. It just feels so good when thrusted and had quite a bit of give. What id your opinion of this toy?

Here is the toys link: link
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K101 K101
My opinion: no! There are much better double dongs out there such as that new one I've put a link and photo to below.

I say no to this one because it's jelly and you never want to share such a porous material, plus it's harmful to your health even if you are using it alone. I have used jelly, but TPR is a safer choice and I hardly use jelly these days. I suppose if you must use this one, use condoms, but you can really find better. I know this one I'm showing is much higher priced, but that is just ONE of the nicer ones offered.

charletnarouh charletnarouh
Even with condoms, I'm uncomfortable using the kind of chemicals offgassed by jelly and don't want it around. Plus the smell, the degrading of the material over time and the inconveniences of storing it and cleaning it. Not worth it. Better options exist.
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