for newly weds?

kawigrl kawigrl
what would you get for newly weds that isn't to over the top?
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Jul!a Jul!a
I would have loved some massage candles or other things of that nature. What exactly is the couple in question into? I would try to get them something that speaks to their interests.
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
The Joy of Erotic Massage DVD and a Kama Sutra massage oil sampler pack.
Tori Rebel Tori Rebel
The Jimmy Jane Knead Me Set
*HisMrs* *HisMrs*
Everyone here has posted awesome ideas... but I will add that you can't go wrong with a giftcard! =)
Jobthingy Jobthingy
Originally posted by Tori Rebel
The Jimmy Jane Knead Me Set
Exactly what I was thinking.
ScottA ScottA
Definitely something more general, especially if you aren't intimate friends with both of the parties. Even if you got something that you knew that they'd like based on your knowledge of one of the people the other one might get a bit weirded out thinking that their spouse was telling you everything...
Redboxbaby Redboxbaby
Liberator Throes. Everyone can appreciate that gift. It maybe more appropriate for bridal shower though.
closed account closed account
i have a list of suggestions under different categories, and newlyweds is one of the categoreis
UnknownGirl UnknownGirl
Liberator gear.
Dizzykakes Dizzykakes
Something they can both use and enjoy.
slynch slynch
So... no sex swing, huh? lol
Elnoa Elnoa
Definitely the massage candles.
indiglo indiglo
Originally posted by *HisMrs*
Everyone here has posted awesome ideas... but I will add that you can't go wrong with a giftcard! =)
I agree with this. That way, you don't have to know exactly what they're into, and they can get whatever they want!
SexyStuff SexyStuff
I like the idea of massage candles, or bubble bath- romantic stuff you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself.
x203 x203
Really romantic things! Like candles and rose petals and massage oils.
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