sexyintexas sexyintexas
I am involved in a motorcycle organization that raises money for local charities and raising money for wounded soldiers. We have auctions at least once a month and I am going to make an adult basket. I am including a vibrator, cock ring, lube, massage oil and need suggestions on other things that would be good to be included. Its an adult auction that is held in a bar. Any suggestions? Im thinking about doing a few of these a year.
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Dizzykakes Dizzykakes
You should make a basket for like the romantic couple including some candles, oils, lotions. Another idea, you can make a kinky basket with ropes, handcuffs, feathers, and maybe blindfolds.
Ghost Ghost
I would make it classy (with products that don't have smutty packaging). I know a lot of people who enjoy sex toys, but don't enjoy a lot of the corny stuff that goes along with it.
indiglo indiglo
Maybe a small Eden gift card too? That way you introduce them to the EF community.
FleurDevereux FleurDevereux
Maybe a pair of handcuffs. Candles add a nice touch. Gift cards are always a great idea. You could put a bullet in there. A porn video or magazine might be a good idea. Condoms never hurt. A sex position book could be thrown in. I hope some of these ideas help.
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