Best rechargeable batteries?

snowminx snowminx
I've never used rechargeable batteries but I want to get into it so I'm not wasting so many disposable ones. So is there a kind you use and like or would recommend? I'd like to keep the recharging cartridge around $25 or less so nothing too expensive.
Thanks =)
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dinosoar dinosoar
I completely sympathize with your woes. I think I went through 8 AAA with a power-hog toy in 2 weeks once and decided that was enough. I recently switched over to Energizer PowerPlus and have found them to be favorable in all aspects!
I purchased a 4 pack AAA (for about $10) and the Basic Recharger, which was actually right about $20 (and comes with 2 AA), if I remember correctly.
The batteries charge seemingly quickly, last a long time and have a simple light on light off indicator of whether or not they still need charging. I've even found, surprisingly enough, that they even give quite a kick to some of my toys power-wise. Good for me, maybe not so for others though.
Happy (green) pleasuring!
spiced spiced
We've had good luck with energizer NiMh batteries, too. We use the AAs and AAAs for a lot of things, except for things which we only use occasionally (like flashlights). NiMh batteries like to be discharged and recharged regularly or they get screwed up, in our experience.
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