Would you participate in a toy recycling program? Would you give away old toys?

AmethystQueen AmethystQueen
I might. Especially for my lesser quality materialed toys.
Septimus Septimus
Since most of my toys can be sterilized (whoo! non-porous materials!) I'd actually like to be able to sell (or give away) toys that I'm no longer using.
Right now, I use most of my toys (or I'm planing on using them in the near future), so I don't have anything to get rid of.
Mr. E Mr. E
No need to recycle, our toys are reusable. I personally don't see sex toy recycling as a viable option.
Madame Z Madame Z
If I used the product once, didn't like it and it was of decent or better quality, AND I knew the person well I could see giving away a toy. But, I would never give away an old well used toy. At a certain point you just need to let them go
kandy anjel kandy anjel
Originally posted by ElleBee
Alright, Eden Fantasys, I want to know what you do with your old sex toys? My friend recently suggested a toy recycling program, but I'm still not fully certain. How do you feel about toy recycling through a program such as this one? Or about ...
Personally id never use a toy recycling program. You never know where it would come from etc. Im just not comfortable with it
evie.amor evie.amor
I would give away a toy that I couldn't use, like if the toy just didn't work for me. I don't need to hang onto stuff that I don't use. But as of now I use all of my toys!
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