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Babylove09 Babylove09
So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get corsets and 2 piece sets that would actually fit me. I'm a 38f up top and between a size 12 around my waist. Any suggestions?
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Feb 7, 10:44 am
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SweetSaffron SweetSaffron
If you're looking for "fashion" or lingerie corsets, which give the look of a corset without constricting you too much, there is a decent selection of those here on EF.

Most corsets aren't cup-size specific (unless they have cups), and most lingerie ones are ordered by your band size. I'd gotten a couple before my reduction - I was a 36K! - and they fit all right at that point. It's all about knowing how to adjust your breasts properly in them. At Ren Faire, we "fluff" so that a sizeable amount of cleavage is showing, keeping the nipples covered of course, and some women show more or less depending on their comfort level. I have a few corsets I've worn both before and after my reduction (now a DD), and the only difference in fit is that I need it laced a bit snugger at the top now.

If you're looking for a proper tightlacing corset, there are many places to buy them, but I haven't seen any here. I purchase mine on Amazon - just look for solid steel boning, if it says "flexible boning" or doesn't even mention it, it's not going to quite do the job, especially in the breast support department! These are ordered by waist size, typically with the corset size being the smallest that it can reduce you to. You want to order one about 4" smaller than your current waist measurement, which allows room to tighten as you go smaller. Buying one that fits now may look neat all tightened, but once it's too big, you have nowhere to go! I typically get mine about 6-8" smaller than my waist, and take about 7" off while wearing, but I have been wearing them for a while and am used to it - beginners are recommended to start with only reducing 2-4" at a time, and gradually increase as it's comfortable for you.

There are also waist cinchers, or underbust corsets, which sit from under the breasts to the hips, to which you only need factor in your waist size. This also gives you the freedom to wear a bra, or no bra if that is your preference with it. I find it slightly easier to bend in a cincher, but it doesn't give quite as much support to the back, which is another thing to factor into your choice.
Feb 7, 12:34 pm
Edeneve Edeneve
since EF has a very small selection, I would look elsewhere.
Feb 8, 7:19 pm
if you can't find something on here, try lingerie diva, yandy or just simply google Lingerie and try the different websites that come up. Good luck!
Feb 12, 9:43 pm
Edeneve Edeneve
Originally posted by Edeneve
since EF has a very small selection, I would look elsewhere.
try Orchard Corsets.
Feb 15, 2:20 pm
js250 js250
There are also a few places that make corsets per your measurements. This does cost a bit more, but you will have a very high quality, unique and perfect fitting garment for lingerie or public wear.

SWEETSAFFRON's post is spot on for advice on corset fit!! (Great advice on waist training as well, thank you.) Corsets are one of the most forgiving and flattering pieces of lingerie for those with larger busts and tinier waists. I am completely OBSESSED with the German corsets--made for trimming the waist, but with a lot of style and class.
Feb 20, 3:27 am
Kitt Katt Kitt Katt
Hips and Curves may have something.
Feb 23, 11:05 pm
Constance Constance
I think it is not hard to find some corsets that fit for you. I know two sites, one is Pinkwinds Corsets
Mar 20, 2:46 am
PadoruLover PadoruLover
EdenFantacy has good stuff but a site with great corsets is
Mar 20, 7:00 pm
LaSchwartz LaSchwartz
lovers may have the right size
Mar 27, 12:47 pm
Rossie Rossie
Hey ladies, you should share the links with Babylove09 by messaging her -- it's against EF rules to post competitors' links on the forums!

"Expectations of Conduct:
In addition to spam, links to competitors' sites and outside affiliate links are prohibited. When found, the links will be broken or removed and a warning will be issued."
Mar 27, 8:18 pm
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