Corsets, corsets, everywhere but not a one for me??

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Corsets, corsets, everywhere but not a one for me??

joz joz
Ok so I am a curvy woman, not huge but not tiny either. I wear a 38D bra. I own one corset that I bought last year and I love it, but I am looking into purchasing another one or maybe even two. I want one that is not too expensive, but that isn't so cheap it will fall apart when I try to wear it. My favorite color is blue so I kinda want one in any shade of blue, but maybe a nice red or black one even. To be completely honest I just don't know what I want or need... and the selection on this site is amazing, but kind of overwhelming. Any suggestions or even tips on things I should be looking for?
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Ms. N Ms. N
I am a 38D myself, and working on a series of corset reviews. I have one lovely corset I like in a shade of blue - my review is here. It's currently out of stock in the 38 though

My favorite of all of my corsets is this red one. I adore it.

I hope you find the corset of your dreams!
pokefan15 pokefan15
I would recommend this corset from fredricks of hollywood My wife got it as her forst one and she loves it.

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