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MamaDivine MamaDivine
I was browsing through the lingerie section, trying to find somethings that I could put into an affiliate widget for mens costumes and ladies costumes. For roleplay and such.

I realized that there is only about four or five for the guys and like 6 or 7 pages for the girls! I was wondering, do you think that EF should try to get some more in for the guys?
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Nazaress Nazaress
I, personally, have no interest in my boyfriend dressing up (at least, not in any of the costumes I've seen) and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any interest either. However, I know that there are those who DO have interest so I'd like to see more. That being said, EF has already started adding more men's costumes and men's lingerie to the site. They've added quite a lot, actually, considering how little there was before.
LovesAPoet LovesAPoet
Coquette has a few new mens costumes (ladies too) on the way if you're interested.

Beer Guy
Police Man
Sailor Boy
XxFallenAngelxX XxFallenAngelxX
I would only like the costumes for Halloween. I liked the lumber jack one, it was hot, lol.
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