Flesh Lights

Zombie Ghost Zombie Ghost
Any one have any past experience with them? Are they worth the money? I always thought they we're kinda creepy but there is a lot of talk of them on here so my curiosity is getting the best of me.
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El-Jaro El-Jaro
I like mine. They really are different than other similar products. I don't think they're that creepy. Now, an eye instead of a hole would be freaky...or an armpit or elbow.
leatherlover leatherlover
I have had two different masturbators, one of them being a Flesh light, and I think that they are great. I don't see any creep factor to it, it feels great, and is pretty easy to store because of its container. I have no complaints at all.
The Unnamed The Unnamed
They really are different than other similar products
Zombie Ghost Zombie Ghost
Cool thanks for the input!
B8trDude B8trDude
I certainly like them. I also like the Tenga Flip Hole. I'd recommend both.
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