Questions For A Doc Johnson Representative!

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Questions For A Doc Johnson Representative!

rancher rancher
I have some questions for a Doc Johnson Rep about this product which I bought recently

I am VERY happy and satisfied with it, and I have some questions that I think others may have as well.

1. As UR3 is becoming a very pervasive and common material in all sorts of your toys, can you confirm it is "a thermal plastic elastomer mixture of PVC and silicone" as per the material guide on this site and that is phthalate free.

2. Are all ingredients in UR3 on the FDA safe ingredient list as per Silagel?

3. Does this vagina toy product contain bisphenol A?

4. Without giving away any trade secrets, what gives the product its softness? Is it the silicone?

5. In this line of vibrating vagina/ass combinations do the different Vivid Stars differ internaly? Are they different tightness etc? I may want to buy another if this is the case to get a variation

Thanks for your time. And thanks for great products!
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BadgersRose BadgersRose
This would probably be answered quicker in the specific Doc Johnson forum here on Eden.
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