Help with clitoral pump duration

stlouisxxx stlouisxxx
For those that are into clitoral suction I'm looking for the average duration, as well as which pumps work.
I know once it feels numb or any pain stop, just looking for a guide.
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Real or memorex Real or memorex
Yeah, numb is a sign you have gone too long.

With cheaper introductory clit pumps, both an advantage and a disadvantage (but, I think for beginners, more of an advantage!) is that the bulb-style pump doesn't allow for more than a medium-level suction and loses air with time. It's a nice safeguard against pumping too hard. Also, using lube will both help make a seal and protect the skin from injury. As the salesperson who sold me my pump said, "you don't want stretch marks on your clit."

I usually go thirty seconds to one minute, rest for at least the same amount of time, then pump again. I do a repetition of three to five pump-hold-relaxes.
stlouisxxx stlouisxxx
Thanks for your help. I was wrong in assuming a few minutes at first. Will take it slow and easy.
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