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G.L. Morrison G.L. Morrison
Games for naughty people
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Have you played any of the "sexy board games" and if so which ones? Do you make up your own games? Do you play them as a couple or moresome?
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Brandi Rouxxx Brandi Rouxxx
Our favorite game we've tried so far is Cosmo's Truth or Dare. A lot of the other ones aren't kinky enough for us. We've only played as a couple so far, but playing with other couple's is a possibility in the future.
arewehavingfun? arewehavingfun?
In my college dorm we used to play a drinking/light sex game that was so much fun. I wish I could remember the name. I think it had a pink cover. We played in a group and none of us (ok..maybe a few) were sexual with each other, but it was still fun. You could take it as fsr as you wanted to go.
arewehavingfun? arewehavingfun?
PS--If anyone knows the name of the game, please send it in. We bought it at one of those game/gag gifts store in alot of malls---black lights, posters, etc--I am sure you've seen the store.
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