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Kayla Kayla
AA batteries 4pack
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I'd really like to know what packaging the AA batteries 4-pack comes in. The picture doesn't show. I've bought the N batteries, and those came in your "traditional" cardboard backing with plastic on front, but then I bought C batteries and they were just four C batteries rolled into a plastic baggie.

I want to purchase these to donate to the local women's shelter, but they'll only accept unwrapped items, so I need to know if it comes in "normal" battery packaging or if it will just be batteries in a plastic baggie. Anyone know?
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gone77 gone77
I've purchases this numerous times and they've always come traditionally packaged.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
The packaging is a thin cardboard square with the plastic shell on the front holding the batteries like when you buy batteries from the store. The cardboard is really generic without any brand name on it. It just says "alkaline batteries" and it's black with white letters... but the batteries are indeed Duracell's and they have the name on them.

Hope that helps.
Hillary Hillary
should come with more
Michele Michele
Badass has a picture up on her review.
headgirl headgirl
looks like a duracell but does it last a long time
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