Zero Tolerance Playing Cards-Wanna Try them?

Sera Sera
Zero tolerance playing cards
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Zero Tolerance Playing Cards by Evolved Novelties- Wanna Try Them?
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MuffysPinguLove MuffysPinguLove
I just received these for review and a majority of the pictures are very attractive
deltalima deltalima
Looks like a fun game. Not for sale yet though
Femme Mystique Femme Mystique
Sera Sera
Meh? Come on....
Magician Magician
If the quality of the cards are the same as the third degree playing cards they are offering, then I would say to pass. They have the slick plastic finish, which makes them generally harder to handle, as well as more prone to dirt related problems.
Sera Sera
Hmmmm...Great comments!
Discreet Mom Discreet Mom
Originally posted by Sera
Zero Tolerance Playing Cards by Evolved Novelties- Wanna Try Them?
Are they worth the time? I need to check them out.
amenti amenti
I've looked through the reviews for this and one video review was very helpful and showed all the cards.
The models are tastefully posed with attractive lingerie and overall the set is non-trashy. Very little nudity but in a good way.
I'm getting one for my younger cousin's 18th Birthday.
I hope he likes it.
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