We're getting our Flip Ramp tomorrow!!!!1

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We're getting our Flip Ramp tomorrow!!!!1

jmex83 jmex83
I was wondering if anyone else knew that this flip ramp folded in half to create an ottoman (before you purchased it). I seen that on the video review and we had to have it! We're really excited about getting this tomorrow. Can't wait to try it out. We were originally going to go with the combo, but with the limited space we have, we decided that being able to fold it up and use it for a foot rest too was best lol.

Anyone else use this as such?
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Ansley Ansley

I'm sure some people use it that way. Experimenting is half the fun!
Kissy Kissy
I don't use it like this.. but it is pretty large, you could... It isn't a perfect shape together... and it is kind short. Maybe you could cover it? Where have you seen these?
MamaDivine MamaDivine
This is the wifey to jmex We got our ramp in today and we love it. Its really firm though. Its almost TOO firm. Though, when its folded in half, I can sit on it without it sinking or getting too soft, which is nice. And I am not a "small" woman by any means lol.

It works well as a foot rest and folds up pretty nicely. I like to lay on it to watch tv, as there isn't much seating in our livingroom. its not too shabby. Thinking about getting another one to put ontop of it so that we can have a longer foot rest lol...and of course more positioning furniture lol
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