Any problems keeping the toy in?

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Any problems keeping the toy in?

GeekyGirl01 GeekyGirl01
Beginner silicone anal kit
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The ridges look kind of shallow and, although there's a flared base, it looks like these toys might slip out. A reviewer made the same remark, but I wanted to see if that was the consensus.

Has anyone experienced any problems with using this toy for its intended purpose?
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Vaginas Vaginas
these honestly do kind of push out depending on your position. they aren't made for super long time wear or anything. but I own them and I enjoy them a lot. the purple and pink ones are my favorites. but they're all fun to try out different sizes and shapes. I would still recommend them.

my most favorite plugs of all time (so far at least) are the doc johnson mood naughtys. they are super comfy and you could wear them all day. although they are really simple in shape and not intimidating in size.

both the anal beginner kit and the mood naughtys are great plugs to add to your collection.
A.S. A.S.
Yes, some
Can't keep them in for love or money. You basically have to hold them in. Not that that counts them out. They're fun, but definitely not set and forget.
Rossie Rossie
All butt plugs that do not have long and narrow necks will slip out easily.
LueLah LueLah
So I am an extreme beginner. I've had anal sex before in my teens but was clueless and I didn't like the embarrassment of the "mess". What I want to know is, when you use these plugs you insert them and keep them in while you go about your regular business?
OH&W, Lovebears OH&W, Lovebears
Hi Luelah,
From what I have read, some use them while having intercourse and just whenever. Some have said they plug only during the act or before to prepare anal. I think if you enter your question in the search bar, previous threads will appear. Try typing in "How often do you use butt plugs?" There you will also see threads on how to prepare before use, etc.

I started with a pointed beginner plug but found the rounded ones to be more comfortable. Stainless and glass are easier to clean and use less lube. More expensive though. Read some reviews on the NJoy Pure Plugs.
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