do most guys like wearing these things?

LunaLuthor LunaLuthor
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My guy doesn't care just seeing how other guys feel
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PDXlady PDXlady
My partner hates them.
Taylor Taylor
I've used these with two different guys. One was indifferent to them and the other disliked them. They don't do much for me either most of the time.
Teaser Teaser
I don't mind wearing them, but they don't seem to have the "desired effect" of keeping me hard longer. And they can be a pain to get on or off. What I DO like about them is the clitoral vibrator built into them. My wife can get on in cowgirl style and just relax and I get to watch her enjoyment from a wonderful angle! That said, other smaller clitoral vibrators seem to work almost as well for that.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I enjoy seeing the pleasure my gets when I wear one, either vibrating or not. Like Teaser is saying, the Cowgirl position works great for the wife, she can grind her way to orgasm pretty quick. Plus she loves a vibrating penis.

For non-vibrating rings she enjoys the added girth and texture that the restriction of the ring creates. Having been using them for over 20 years, I can say that this type of toy gets used more than any other.
Petite Valentine Petite Valentine
It depends on the ring. The first one my husband tried (too small) left him so traumatized he wouldn't try them again for years. However, I got some free ones from EF, and he liked those well enough that he's willing to try others.
Kitka Kitka
My hubby doesn't mind them as long as they fit properly. There's nothing worse than a pinchy, too tight cock ring.
CollegeFun2014 CollegeFun2014
I've never tried one but I do want to try one at some point
epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
my hubby likes the jelly/gummy ones, super stretchy. he has a lasso one but it gets too tight.
Undecided Undecided
I have only used cock rings with two partners one was all game for the ones like in the free section,we got it from Walmart the other came with a penis pump that another ex didn't like it was too tight
Martiniman Martiniman
Like anything, I don't want to do it every time, but they can be fun from time to time. Just like my cock ring doesn't get worn every time my wife wants to play or toys don't come out every time we get frisky. However, if it brings pleasure to my wife, like the clit vibe can do, I'm willing to do anything for her as long as she wants.
wdanas wdanas
My husband doesn't mind them, and we certainly get a lot of good use out of the vibrating ones when we use them.
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