Are there any good ejaculating dildos?

Fawkes Fawkes
Eros ejaculator
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is there anything better on the market for this?
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Zombirella Zombirella
I'm not really sure because I've never tried one of these. My suggestion would be to check out the few others EF has here and see what the people in the reviews said or look at the rating. Personally though, none of them really are made of material that I feel comfortable using or seem to have the greatest reviews/ratings.
Badass Badass
I looked this up myself the other day, it doesn't really have a good review.
But still, I would try it.. if it ever comes back into stock.
panthercat23 panthercat23
I've always wanted to try one but I've never been able to settle on which one. So if anyone has tried one and liked it, I would love to know.
Fawkes Fawkes
thanks all!
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