Fairy Wand Feedback?

Noelle Noelle
I FINALLY think I have found the ONE!! I need 5 vrooms, and I want something affordable (under $60). I think I found The One, but I would like a little more feedback? Any help would be great! Thanks!
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Sangsara Sangsara
I don't have it myself but there is a ton of info- just read the reviews- theres even a video comparing all of the fairies on the product page- just don't get the baby one it's just a wand shaped bullet. I have the couture and have used the hitachi and have beeen planning on getting a fairy- i just want a small version and I would like it to be rechargeable. remember you can do a buyout and i think even the mystic wand will be less than $60
quinceykay quinceykay
I have it! The full size one, that is. I'd get the one that plugs into the wall, as I heard that the rechargeable has bad battery power.

I don't have a Hitachi, so I can't compare very well, but I think they are along the same in terms of size, shape, and power. The Fairy Wand is multi-speed though, which I like. If you need a lot of power, it is GREAT for that. I usually need about 4 vrooms, I'm a power queen, and I usually have to use this one one of the lower settings. However, sometimes it gets me off very quickly and other times, if I use it too long it numbs my vagina.
Sir Sir
Which one? The Mini wand is good, but I wouldn't recommend the rechargeable, sadly. It makes a weird noise.
Noelle Noelle
Thanks for the info. I think I know what i want!
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