First time luxury toy for a bachelorette party

steelaster steelaster
Insignia Oden review
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I am thinking of buying a friend of mine her first luxury toy for her bachelorette party. She and her fiance have experimented minimally with toys but she is very curious to try more. I was thinking of getting her the Oden by Lelo, the mahana by Lelo, or the Lyla egg. I am open to other suggestions for couple's toys, but I want it to be good quality and Under $125. Any suggestions would be great!
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Zombirella Zombirella
Just from my own experience, I really enjoy the external vibes like the Salsa, Tango and Mimi. But I think the Oden can be used sort of like a cock ring and if that is the intended purpose you were wanting for it, then I highly suggest one of Jopen's cock rings or the Mio.
PropertyOfPotter PropertyOfPotter
Have you checked out the rechargeable c-rings? There are a few different kinds available. We have the Ego e3 and it's fantastic! It's by Jopen and is within your price limit! You should check it out!
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