fleshlight....or sex in a can

jeremy12 jeremy12
Fleshlight girls Tori Black
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i need some help deffonly geting one but witch one is beter?
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gloomybear gloomybear
flesh light my bf loves his
Alan & Michele Alan & Michele
Well, it's a matter of size with those two products. If you're built on the smaller side or like really tight orifices, then Sex in a Can. If not, then Fleshlight.

jeremy12 jeremy12
kool thanks
jeremy12 jeremy12
Originally posted by jeremy12
kool thanks
just order me a tori black ooooh yessss
epiphanyjayne epiphanyjayne
My hubby is average size and he loves his sex in a can version compared to his Fleshlight. He has the oral sex in a can he loves the ripples and ridges, and his Fleshlight is the nipple alley pirate version. If your man is on the longer or bigger side of average side then he would probably want a Fleshlight unless he wants it tighter. The cans are a great way to try out different textures for the price.
Incendiaire Incendiaire
Go for the Fleshlight Flight, it's like a cross between the two.
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