for guys anal play: prostate massager vs regular dildo/vibrator

which would you choose to purchase if it was time for your next toy investment and you were gonna spend a pretty good amount of money and you wanted to be satisfied. would you go for a regular penis shaped vibrator or dildo or one of the "special prostate massagers" ..

ive been looking at them (wearily) and they seem interesting but i just dont see how id use it regularly.. or how itd fit into my toy play for an extended period of time. i dont get them i guess is what im saying.

like the rude boys and toys shaped liek those...

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bigfuckindicksDOTnet bigfuckindicksDOTnet
if you were going to get a new toy (as a guy) which would you go for.. (i might add the fact that i'm kind of bored with my regular Johnny hazzard cyberskin dildo lol)
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Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
I've got an interest in prostate massagers - but they are a bit expensive for what you get and our glass shafts are working well for me now.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I prefer vibes/dildos and probes, I am more of a hands on kind of guy.

Prostate massagers, such as Aneros, Naughty boy/Rude boy and Nexus, are more of the kind that you place it in and then work your Kegels to get them to move. While they can be very effective, they take time to learn and the stimulation is light compared to a hand controlled toy. The ones that stay in (Aneros, Nexus) are just awesome during sex. Your body's movements help to maneuver it and the stimulation can not be missed.
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Voted for my boyfriend, he definitely prefers something like a dildo that can be thrust with, rather than something you insert and just rock on or clench around.
babyrock babyrock
If you're looking for a p-spot orgasm or some folks call the super-o, which I guess is as close to a female orgasm as a man can get, then you'll need a prostate massager.
Miss Nessa Miss Nessa
regular old school vibrator/dildo
ScottA ScottA
If I could only have one it would be the dildo (nice and big with a curve and some gentle bumps). Prostate massagers are fun, but they don't give anything near the stimulation of a well-wielded dildo.
clevernickname clevernickname
Prostate massagers seem to be the most versatile, although sometimes lacking in function variety.
Toys in Love Toys in Love
Big fan of hands-free orgasms, and if you get just the right toy from Nexus or Rocks Off (amongst many) - then your ass will love you forever! But if you're in a relashionship with a someone keen on milking the *blip* out off you with a dildo, your ass will love you forever as well! - So depending on your situation...
Flash777 Flash777
Originally posted by bigfuckindicksDOTnet
if you were going to get a new toy (as a guy) which would you go for.. (i might add the fact that i'm kind of bored with my regular Johnny hazzard cyberskin dildo lol)
My first was the aneros MGX, then I got the Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager
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