Hands-Free Vibes

PumpkinPasty PumpkinPasty
I am desperately looking for a great hands-free vibe. Would love it if it was low noise, but it's more important that it be a substantially strong vibrator.

I've looked at the reviews of the strap ons and others, but just wind up more confused as to what I should buy. Any suggestions?
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Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
I like this one. Strap-ons can be a little finicky, but when you can get everything in position they're amazing.
Lady Hazel Lady Hazel
I have not found on that actually stayed in contact with my "spot." and some times im not in a situation where I can readjust. good luck finding one!!!! I might be interested in knowing one that actually works... and you should have one that does not have a cord!!!
Beck Beck
I was just asking a friend about these the other day and I do not think they have any that are powerful enough. Most are weak and do not stay in place. I wish I could find one, but I could be wrong, hopefully someone else will know.
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