panthers panthers
Magic Wand Original
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Is this one of the best vibrators or what!!!
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jessi2 jessi2
I definitely agree! I JUST got mine and have used it everyday!
tiggle biddies tiggle biddies
everyone seems to think its awesome
Rin (aka Nire) Rin (aka Nire)
It's pretty good and awesomely strong, but honestly it's not my favorite. Largely because it makes my skin itchy.
TexasFire TexasFire
Completely agree. Best toy purchase we have ever made. And it has lasted the longest.
fredacarl fredacarl
yes love it
vanilla&chocolate vanilla&chocolate
I really want one, except I live in a dorm with paper-thin walls...
Wawers Wawers
the best!
Scarlette Scarlette
I might sound like a total noob...but I own several personal toys, and just by looking at them I know how to operate them or can figure out how it works...

I never purchase a Hitachi because...Im totally confused on HOW it's suppose to work -_-... So I just let it spin and maneuver across my lady parts, or it meant for insertion? Its such a simple, discreet(ish), looking design, that Im totally thrown off.
Double Analysis Double Analysis
I just ordered an attachment because honestly, it's too strong and too big! It makes my whole crotch go numb. I looove strong vibes but this is absurd. Hoping the attachment helps to concentrate it to a smaller area so my loins aren't shaken to bits.
Porygorish Porygorish
It just plain is!
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