Inspire attachments. Will they fit...

Holly Hox Holly Hox
Inspire lovers G attachment
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will they fit any massager, or only the Inspire?
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wafflewendy wafflewendy
Originally posted by Holly Hox
will they fit any massager, or only the Inspire?
I have the inspire (but still do not own the attachments) but from what I do know I can guess as to how it works. The inspire has a removable silicone cap to the head, this is removed the attachments then take its place. The thing is that the heads attach on by a notch feature (like an internal pattern that inter-locks like a puzzle piece). The silicone head that it comes with isn't particularly stretchy and I imagine the attachments to be made similar, so unless the vibe you have in question has a matching notch system, I don't see it working out too well.
Holly Hox Holly Hox
That's exactly what I needed to know! Thanks!
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