Lelo worth the price?

puglove puglove
I have been looking at the lelo vibes a lot lately they are so alluring with there pretty colors and unique designs. My question to everyone is, Do you think the lelo products are worth there hefty price tag?
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Kittybit Kittybit
I'd never buy a lelo at full price. I love my Liv but not enough vrooms for normal retail price.
puglove puglove
@kittybit Thank you for your comment
Taylor Taylor
My two favorite toys I have are Lelos, so I think they are definitely worth it. I plan to try more of their toys in the future.
jr2012 jr2012
One of my fave toys is a Lelo, and it's hard to say if I would pay the entire price out of pocket. At the very least I definitely would pay during a good sale (25 - 30% off).
puglove puglove
Thank you for your input @Taylor and @jr2012
kitty1949 kitty1949
Definitely pick them up on sale, if you can. I have my Ina 2 and don't regret getting it at all.
Melan!e Melan!e
They're definitely luxury toys but I don't think they're worth full price... I know my partner really loves his billy and I like my gigi too but I won't buy any other Lelos unless I get them on sale (like the sale going on right now).
puglove puglove
Thank you @sisterluck and @Melan!e. I think I will buy one next time they go on sale! (No money right now )
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