Jejoue Mimi vs Lelo Alia: PLease help!!

Jejoue Mimi vs Lelo Alia: PLease help!!

SexiSharki SexiSharki
Hi guys and gals,
I am after a really good luxury clit vibe that is also waterproof and sleek and sassy!
I have been researching for days and have nailed it down to two choices, the Jejoue Mimi and the Lelo Alia!
I am leaning more to the Mimi because I like how it looks, it looks sensual and soft but I have soft fingers and am not liking the issue of the buttons being hard to press? Also the fact that you have to cycle through all 5 speeds to get to the patterns..

Another worry I have is if it is too powerful to hold? people talk about fingers going numb? what does this mean? and how would that effect the function of the toy? I don't need lube and I am guessing I won't be using it for long as I only last a few minutes with the bullet I have...

Onto the Alia, I like the look of the buttons, they look simple to use and easy to press, I also like how they light up- although this is not important in terms of function, I am not sure about the plastic bit in the middle, I think it may look tacky and a bit cheap and am concerned about cleaning? oh and most importantly- the ability to chose a pattern on ANY speed, rather than just at the highest and customize it! only problem is I've heard that a few girls can't reach 'O' with it as it was just too mild?

However I hear that the Alia may be quieter? does anyone have experience with BOTH of these toys so they can give me a comparison? and does anyone know how they measure up to the bullet? I have been fine with the bullet although it was too powerful for me initially I got used to it and just concentrated the vibrations around my clit instead of directly on it.

I am not too bothered about 'pin-point' precision as I like to circle around it, (this is why head from my BF can be so frustrating as he just sticks the tip of his tongue on the clit and pretty much leaves it there, so the sensation is often too intense for me to reach 'O and I am far too shy to tell him otherwise so it's my loss I guess- but hey I'm sure Mimi or Alia can help me out there!)

I'm not sure how much power I need? I read that Mimi is more powerful, but I don't now what I need! so I need to know how both compare in terms to the bullet for power, that will help give me an idea as I have only ever used the bullet.

I can get the Alia for only £53.56 if I buy it within the next few days, otherwise the Mimi would be £59.99 from Love honey- but they don't have the deep rose which I would want! If I can't reach a decision I will most likely have to buy both, which I can't afford so I could really do with some help!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will be waiting eagerly for replies! am completely lost trying to find out which is better.

Notes: Discretion is a must as I am rather shy in the bedroom and it would be my worst nightmare to get 'caught in the act'! hence the reason I like the shower proof aspect as there is a lock on the bathroom door!! I cannot tell my partner what I like in bed so this results in sexual frustration that I want to relieve myself!

The only experience I have had with a clit toy is with the RM80mm Bullet that I got from Ann Summers for £9.99, The battery has now ran out and so I am looking for something a little more 'high end' rather than replacing the battery, plus the bullet is rather loud so I can only use it when the house is empty.
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