Would the Wahl work for back and other problems?

Wahl Deluxe Wand massager kit
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I had been suffering from back aches the last 2 years and going back n forth to the physiotherapist is not uncommon for me now. But i still prefer to soothe myself the best i could to save the time and money going to physio session. Seeing this item here... do you think it would help me ease my back problem and be able to use this some other ways to please me more ? tell me more about this item please ...
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Khanner Khanner
I don't have one but I've heard it has some of the strongest vibrations out there. Plus it was originally designed for muscle massage, so it'll feel good on your back.
Beck Beck
Those massager are originally designed for muscle cramps. They weren't intended for what we use them for So, they might help with your back.
Peggi Peggi
I have the 2-speed which I use for my back aches, and I can tell ya it works QUITE well! I'm sure this would be excellent for that as well!
Ms. N Ms. N
I don't have this particular wand, but I do have the Hitachi, and it works wonders on sore backs and shoulders!
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