Ok, some serious help is needed...

Lucky21 Lucky21
So not too long ago, I purchased a Bcurious for my fiancee. She said she wanted something to comfortably use durring sex that wasn't going to be in the way. Now, she loves the silicone exterior, and she loves the shape. Her complaints are two fold, one that it's too pointed and not wide enough and two, that the motor just isn't strong enough or "isn't rumbly enough". So I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions that I can look at. She love, love loves!!! her Onye, but it can just be a little tough, especially in missionary.

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Jul!a Jul!a
Maybe the MiMi? It's got the nice silicone exterior, is super easy to hold onto during sex, and is deep and rumbly. The only issue I have with it at all is the damn buttons are a pain to press most of the time.
Katastophy Katastophy
I second the Mimi. I don't have too much of an issue with the buttons, but I can see how it could potentially be a problem. It's also very strong and has some nice vibration patterns...
JGrey JGrey
Mimi is my#1 vibrator!
null null
I love my MiMi for use during sex, most of my other vibrators get in the way.
I also like using my Gigi in doggy style, but it gets in the way for missionary.
Ghost Ghost
I, too, love my mimi.
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I don't have it, but it seems like the We-Vibe Salsa or Tango are powerful and rumbly for their size, and definitely wouldn't get in the way.
indiglo indiglo
LOL I didn't realize how many replies this topic had. I was all ready to write about the MiMi... but I see everyone else suggested the same thing. Too funny.

(It seems that the newer versions of the MiMi have buttons that are easier to push, which is a very good thing!)
Lucky21 Lucky21
I guess you all are making a compelling argument for the Mimi. It's on the list! I just wish there was something that was wider, more rumbly, that also had a curved contour.
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