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Summersong Summersong
Mini tongue
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Ok - question.

Is there any vibrator or device that REALLY mimics oral sex realistically? I've seen lots of vibrators, bullets, and things in the shape of tongues that claim to, but is there anything out there that actually feels like a real tongue?
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wetone123 wetone123
Most all the reviews on products like these say they do not work. I've really looked into the subject. This is something the sex toy industry will have to work harder on. In the meantime... I guess we'll have to -Get a real live one.
Shellz31 Shellz31
The only one I have found is the Sqweel, but you won't find it on here. Unlike any other toy I have come across, it has a number or tongues that spin so it feels like tongues lapping at your clit or wherever else you wish to use it.

I tried the SaSi, but the ball doesn't feel like a tongue to me! It's over priced and rather cheaply made for the cost.
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