Owning two rechargable vibes.

eri86 eri86
I have the salsa and the tango from we-vibe. So I have the option of tips. But truth be told, when using them, I can't notice a difference between the tips.

But, since I have two, my play sessions go longer. I can use one till the vibrations start to weaken as the power get low, and then just swap it out with the other!

So the one I just used can recharge, and I can keep going.
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butts butts
Sounds really handy! I've definitely considered getting another Salsa since my boyfriend loves it so much
Rossie Rossie
Geez, how long are your play sessions?
Beautiful-Disaster Beautiful-Disaster
Yeah, I have the Salsa and Mia 2.. I switch up between both.. I torture myself with the strong vibrations from the Salsa, then I go light with the Mia2. There are times when my play sessions last 40-60 minutes, and neither one will last up to an hour(used on high speed the whole time) if used alone.
snowminx snowminx
Not really rocket science.
edeneve edeneve
Originally posted by Rossie
Geez, how long are your play sessions?
yeah, my question too. my clit doesn't take very long to respond w/ an O.
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