Realdoe Slim Vs. Feeldoe Slim

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Realdoe Slim Vs. Feeldoe Slim

wickedclowns95 wickedclowns95
Realdoe slim
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Are there any major differences other than the slight cosmetic changes. Is there a noticeable size difference?
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MeliPixie MeliPixie
The Realdoe Slim, just like the original Realdoe, is made at the same size specifications as its semi-realistic counterpart, the Feeldoe slim. The more pronounced head can be a little more difficult to take, depending on what orifice it is put in, and the veins can be felt by some people, but the size shouldn't be any different. Hope this helps!
wickedclowns95 wickedclowns95
Which head is more pronounced?
MeliPixie MeliPixie
Originally posted by wickedclowns95
Which head is more pronounced?
Oh the Realdoe head of course

Sorry for the long wait, I lost internet for a little while.
spencer spencer
Would anyone who has the Share or Realdoe be willing to upload an image of it to toysizer link

I am quite picky about size and I want to compare it to others I have.

Mr. E Mr. E
The Feeldoe Slim has a pointy head and a slicker, glossier finish. We prefer the Realdoe Slim's blunt head and realistic finish over the Feeldoe Slim. They are essentially the same size.
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