Silicone beaded butterfly – rabbit vibrator

SaraU29 SaraU29
Silicone beaded butterfly
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The reviews were a bit too mixed to form any sort of valid opinion of the quality, right?
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Antipova Antipova
It's hard to say for ratings on rabbit vibes---people usually rate a toy by how well it works *for them*, and since rabbit vibes can't possibly work the same for every woman's anatomy, every rabbit is going to have hit and miss reviews.

So---check out your clit to vaginal distance, and then you can form a good opinion of whether it will fit. I just put up a review of this one today, I'd say the quality seems pretty good if you think it will fit.
HarlequinBunnie HarlequinBunnie
I'm sorry if you didn't like the way I wrote my review. If there is any way you think I can improve my style please let me know. I would value your advice. Thank you
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