Tiani vs noa?

Sweet-n-sensual Sweet-n-sensual
Insignia Tiani 2
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They both have a similar shape and good reviews but they differ quite a but in price. Differences worth the cost in your opinion?
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Ryanne Ryanne
Haven't personally tried either but I have gotten the chance to checkout the Noa as my cousin brought it over an it is very weak not much power
indiglo indiglo
Yes, that is a big difference. The Noa is MUCH weaker than the Tiani.

The Tiani also comes with the remote control and the Noa doesn't. The Noa will work with the Tiani's remote control, and when you use it with the remote it is quite a bit stronger (it goes from 2 vrooms up to 3 vrooms) - but to have the remote control you'd have to buy the Tiani first.

The Tiani also comes with 2 different attachments, while the Noa only has 1.
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