Torn between Vitality Leaf and Lelo Ina

SS Cutie SS Cutie
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I love that Lelo Ina has so many different pulsing and vibrating options...but I'm worried that I won't like its rigid construction. The Leaf Vitality on the other hand is more malleable...but it might be too bendy and it only vibrates.

Unsure of which is the better option. I have the close2you Opus toy which is somewhat bendy and still sturdy at the same time which is nice for penetration, but I wanted something more of a rabbit style. Any advice?
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bh253 bh253
I find with my Leaf toys, I don't miss the patterns. Leaf is more buzzy, but strong and Lelo is rumbly but strong. As far as rigidness goes, they are pretty much opposites. Can't say which would work best for you, but if in doubt, go with your gut instinct. You can always return it.
steelaster steelaster
I think if you prefer bendy then the vitality might be better, if you prefer rigid then Ina will be better. All about preference!
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