What's best for public play?

LunaDragon LunaDragon
I am looking for a quiet clit vib. to use in public but I'm having problems finding a good one. Any suggestions? I do need it to be powerful but a remote doesn't need to be long range because I'll be the one using it. I just don't want to have to fix it since I don't want anyone to know its there so wireless would be best. Please let me know what you think.
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The only wireless vibrator I'd recommend is the LELO Lyla 2. Every other one I've seen has pretty awful reviews. The Lyla 2 is quiet. You can't hear it once it's inserted.
Eugler Eugler
But the Lyla 2 is no clit vibrator. Maybe you can make it one if you are skilled with a sewing machine. But then it will create a bump in her trouser.

Maybe the Tiani?
LunaDragon LunaDragon
thank you for your advise
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